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Dropcopter pollinates apple orchard

To give bees a break, farmers pollinated an apple orchard using drones
"The Beak & Skiff Apple Orchard in LaFayette called in startup Dropcopter and its pollen-spreading UAVs... to perform the world’s first apple orchard pollination by drone..." article

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Dropcopter secures $250,000 investment - sUAS News
"Dropcopter, a pollination UAS startup secured $250,000 from Syracuse New York based GENIUS NY accelerator. Their pollination drone service is the first in the world to use automated multirotors to dust almonds, pistachios and cherries, boosting crop set by as much as a tested 15%!..." article

Dropcopter leadership team at Genius NY

Meet DropCopter, a GENIUS NY 2.0 Finalist - GeniusNY.com
"In early 2015, we completed our patent pending prototype, and conducted the first ever UAS pollination of orchards crops, boosting crop set by 10%..." article

Spectrum News video segment featuring Dropcopter

The Sky's the Limit for Genius NY Competitors - Spectrum News
The Genius New York Competition is back with six teams working on innovations in unmanned systems. People are competing for the top prize of $1 million. But everyone participating will walk away with some financial investment in their company.... article & video

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo

NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Announces Genius NY Competition Finalists - NY.gov
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the six finalists selected to take part in the second round of GENIUS NY - one of the world's largest business competitions focused on unmanned systems, cross-connected platforms and other technology-based sectors... article

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6 Finalists for Next Round of Genius NY Competition in Syracuse Announced - Syracuse
Syracuse, N.Y. -- The six finalists chosen for the next round of the Genius NY competition are businesses from Syracuse, California, New Mexico, Michigan, Virginia and Switzerland.... article

Our Services

Dropcopter’s mission is automated pollination of orchard crops via unmanned aircraft systems (UAS); farming efficiency, the promotion of new technologies, and healthy crop yield growth. In early 2015, Dropcopter completed its patent pending prototype, and conducted the first ever UAS pollination of orchards crops, boosting crop set by 10%.




Dropcopter is partnered with GENIUS NY and The NUAIR Alliance. With their expertise we are bringing our patent pending "Worker-Bee" pollinator to market. Our methods guarantee growers crops are pollinated, overcoming environmental factors like wind, cold, and night time that would prevent honeybee activity.


Our 2015 - 2018 trials have shown a dramatic crop set increase of 25%-60% in almonds, scalable across large areas. This technology is applicable to apples, cherries, avocados and pears. We have the ability to spread any granular or powdered material with tactical accuracy. Potential applications: seed dispersal, beneficial insect release, leaf nutrients and pest deterrent.

Leadership Team

We are a team with diverse backgrounds in agriculture, robotics, and entrepreneurship.

Matt Koball

Matt Koball, Founder/CEO

Matt Koball received a B.S. degree in Electronics and moved to the Bay Area to work as a Manufacturing Engineer on the B1 Spirit. Matt moved to Santa Barbara in 1987 as a Program Manager for Titan IV Space Launch Vehicles, helping design guidance systems while earning an MBA. Starting a business providing Farm Labor Contracting and custom orchard management, Matt later transitioned to Plant Management and Grower Relations for a national food manufacturer. Matt and his wife Ann currently live on 40 acres of olive orchard in Northern California.

Adam Fine

Adam Fine, Founder/CTO

Adam Fine began work in the San Francisco restaurant industry at the age of 14. As a full time line cook he spent 8 years working in some of the finest kitchens on the west coast. In 2011, Adam was paralyzed in a motorcycling accident with an SUV, and now works as an entrepreneur, lending his expertise to food service professionals. Adam is the original founder of Dropcopter. After recognizing the explosive potential of the UAS market, Adam self funded a drone delivery service. That Company is now Dropcopter.In his spare time Adam volunteers as a moderator of The Bay Area Riders Forum. An avid motorcycle enthusiast, he is dedicated to the rehabilitation of injured riders.

Mike Winch

Mike Winch, CMO

Mike Winch spent 20 years designing and delivering software applications and consulting solutions to corporate customers around the world before moving to sales of data center support services in the Pacific Northwest. In 2010, he transitioned to sales team leadership for a $100M portfolio of technology solutions, guiding an organization of cross-functional specialists to consistently over-target performance relative to sales and customer satisfaction goals. In 2017, Mike joined the Dropcopter team to help accelerate its exciting agricultural UAV business. He also enjoys golfing, cooking and travel.

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